How HVAC System Design and Implementation Works

HVAC systems, or Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems, are a regular element of many modern buildings, allowing for a space to achieve optimal comfort as one can use the system to govern air quality, temperature, air flow, and relative humidity. While many are familiar with the temperature controls that many HVAC systems provide, features may go beyond temperature control with the ability to manage relative humidity. While humidity settings can bring more comfort, they can also protect a space from issues like mold growth and respiratory issues. Because of these various capabilities that modern HVAC systems offer, as well as how they can affect health and safety, it can be very useful to have a basic understanding of how they are designed and implemented within buildings.

As stated before, a majority of people who have utilized an HVAC system are familiar with their temperature control settings, and this is the most common parameter offered by such technology. Generally, a thermostat is used to set a temperature, and then the HVAC unit will either heat or cool a space in response by relaying a flow of air through its ducting. There are various factors that affect how hot or cold an ambient space is, ranging from outside conditions to how much insulation is implemented in the building. Based on these conditions, the HVAC system will act accordingly utilizing a specific amount of energy to ensure that heating or cooling matches the rate at which the space is gaining or losing heat.

 As a single HVAC system may be used for numerous rooms, a challenge arises as varying spaces will differ in their loads based on windows, furniture, following, occupancy, etc. To best plan for this, zoning is conducted so that rooms with similar demands can be grouped together for the best temperature control. As a single heater may be implemented within a basement for an HVAC system, other system components such as heat exchangers may be used to further control temperatures as air moves through air ducts, and thermostats placed in different rooms allows for more control over conditions.

While the routing of an HVAC system is paramount for how much each room is cooled or heated, so too is the type of outlet that is present. By determining things such as the grilles, registers, and diffusers (GRDs), as well as ducting pressure losses, designers can best size the fan and motor to guarantee high efficiency, optimal wear and tear, noise, etc. It is important that the system is sized proportionately to the needs of a building, as too big of a system will increase costs and reduce efficiency, while an undersized system may not be able to achieve the cooling or heating necessary for personal comfort if conditions are very hot or cold. Even if a system is efficiently designed for optimal functionality, it will still face standard wear and tear over time, necessitating eventual part replacement and repair. When that time comes, utilize Internet of Purchasing.

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November 4, 2022
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