What Are Hex Heads and Their Types?

Screws are a common form of fastener that may be found in countless assemblies across different applications, serving to secure two or more parts together through their external threading that draws in and locks materials as the component is driven into a surface. While all screws perform the same basic role of assembly, there are a variety of types that differ in their design to accommodate a number of applications and requirements. Hex head screws are a typical subtype that one may find in a hardware store, and they are notable for their six-sided head and preformed machine threads. In this blog, we will discuss how hex head screws may be used, covering their common materials, variations, and applications.

Hex head screws may either be partially or fully threaded along their shaft, and both types may be used for alignment needs. The particular materials chosen for construction will vary based on the application or project in question. For example, more residential-based applications may not be as demanding in terms of performance, so a screw that is visually appealing may be more beneficial. Meanwhile, a more heavy-duty assembly or project may call for a more robust screw with high corrosion resistance and rigidity. Altogether, common materials used for such fasteners include stainless steel, hot-dipped galvanized steel, plates alloy steel, nickel-plated steel, oil-coated steel, and more.

Alongside varying materials, there are also different subtypes of hex head screws that one may choose from based on one’s needs. For example, self-drilling hex screws are capable of boring their own hole as they are installed into the surface of a material, meaning that a pre-drilled pilot hole is not required. These screws are often used for metal-to-metal applications such as for HVAC assemblies. For other metal-to-metal fastening needs, sheet metal screws may be useful with their sharp point for boring and built-in washers for increased load distribution.

For furniture, internal hex screws may be useful, and these options feature internal-facing head indentation. For installation, internal hex screws require an Allen key. The combination screw, or combi screw, is a fairly unique type that combines two or more head styles, and they will often be hex and Phillips head combinations that are installed with a screwdriver. The final common type of hex head screw is the painted hex washer head type, and these components are relied on for roofing, decking, siding, and fitter installation where performance and appearances are both important.

With a variety of hex head screws available on the market, a wide variety of applications may benefit from their use. Accounting for all subtypes, the most popular applications for hex head screws include use within machinery, construction projects, tight spaces, and dirty applications where debris build-up is common. When you are shopping around for various fasteners, it is important that you also have the matching tools needed for their installation and removal. When you are ready to kickstart the procurement process, get in contact with an Internet of Purchasing representative who would be more than happy to assist you however they can!

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